Industries Served and Areas of Expertise

ARM Automation, develops and delivers custom-engineered equipment and automation solutions for the best return on investment to our customers.

industries servedWhether that means bringing together process tools, machine-vision, robots and control software to create a unique production line OR starting from scratch to build custom machinery where others may have tried and failed, ARM Automation is your go-to partner for getting things done right, the first time through. At ARM, we approach every opportunity with an open mind.  If there’s an existing solution out there that fits your needs and budget, then we’ll gladly point you to it.  But for those situations when your needs fall outside the norm or when you simply want to work with one of the best teams in the business, ARM is ready to step up and help you to get the job done.


 Industries Served:

  • Medical device manufacture

  • Consumer products assembly and test

  • Semiconductor and solar production tools

  • Entertainment and automated show systems

  • Aerospace and composites manufacturing

  • Automotive and transportation sectors


Common Application Areas:

  • Product assembly and test

  • Material transfer and handling

  • Non-conventional product packaging

  • Machine vision inspection

  • Material joining with non-standard fasteners

  • Robotic material removal and composites finishing

  • Custom positioning and motion systems


Robot End Effector PlaceWe often find that devising the best return on investment solution requires first stepping back and looking at the big picture.   After all, two of the most important factors in creating a successful project lie in the quality of the up-front application analysis and in planning how to approach the challenges presented by the project.  This is where ARM Automation and its highly experienced team with their diverse array of design and industry experience truly shines.  When that’s followed by top-notch project execution, timely delivery and lots of capable support, you’ll be glad you found a partner in ARM.OakRidge_DualArm


For an overview of our typical process for addressing new and/or developmental projects click here.


So, if you’re considering automation for a unique or challenging process, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to discuss your application and help provide quick insight into what options or approaches may be available to you.