Industry Solutions

The following pages showcase some areas in which ARM has notable experience within a particular niche, technical domain or industry.

Many applications or detail thereof, cannot be shown due to the often proprietary or secretive nature of what we do for our customers.

These applications include:

  • Custom robotic mechanism development for challenging applications and environments (US Department of Energy, Disney, EARL…)
  • Laser micro-machining and fabrication (ART system) (DuPont-Toppan, Photronics, AMAT)
  • High speed automated assembly of opto-electro-mechanical consumer devices (Dell, Alere, Google, Apple…)
  • Large scale mobile platform development (Frito-Lay/Wynright)
  • Highly custom product handling and secondary packaging – Case Catcher (Frito-Lay)
  • Automated assembly of medical device consumables (Alere, Novartis, Mylan)
  • Intelligent composites surfacing and re-finishing using robotics (Hexcel, CFAN, Lockheed, Boeing)
  • Drilling and riveting for industrial applications (Tesla, Space X, Alcoa)

Areas of Expertise at ARM Automation:

  • Robotics
  • Motion control
  • Machine design
  • Vision system design
  • Ground-up process analysis and solution development