Case Studies

The following pages reflect notable projects showcasing ARM Automation’s breadth of expertise, competency and experience designing, engineering and developing automation solutions for a variety of industries and applications.

ARM Automation conceived and delivered a highly custom end-to-end production process for making wire mesh structures used for holding various types of hazardous granular materials used in the petrochemical industry.

ARM Automation was approached by a leading producer of semiconductor photomasks to develop a next generation of laser micromachining tool for use in their day-to-day production and repair of photomask products.

ARM Automation has a long history of building advanced robotic systems for specialized applications including nuclear materials handling, underwater positioning systems and even X-ray crystallographic equipment.

A leading manufacturer of medical consumables tasked ARM Automation with developing a series of high-speed Automated Storage and Retrieval System for handling of sterilization magazines within its production operations.

ARM Automation worked with a leading supplier of consumable medical diagnostic devices to develop a fully automated assembly and inspection process for one of their high-volume product lines.

In response to growth in the use of blind fasteners for Aluminum and mixed materials in the automotive industry, ARM Automation set out to develop a flexible, robot-friendly tool system which could be used to provide a fully-automated fastening solution.

Other notable projects ARM has delivered, but which can’t be discussed in detail at the request of the customer, include:

  • Custom robotic mechanism development for challenging applications and environments (US Department of Energy, Disney, EARL…)

  • Laser micro-machining and fabrication (ART system) (DuPont-Toppan, Photronics, AMAT)

  • High speed automated assembly of opto-electro-mechanical consumer devices (Dell, Alere, Google, Apple…)

  • Large scale mobile platform development (Frito-Lay/Wynright)

  • Highly custom product handling and secondary packaging – Case Catcher (Frito-Lay)

  • Automated assembly of medical device consumables (Alere, Novartis, Mylan)

  • Intelligent composites surfacing and re-finishing using robotics (Hexcel, CFAN, Lockheed, Boeing)

  • Drilling and riveting for industrial applications (Tesla, Space X, Alcoa)