Project Flow for Custom Systems

ARM’s Typical System Development Process for Custom Solutions:


  • Mine the collective knowledge of our customers from many angles to fully define the application objectives and identify key challenge areas in advance

  • Work with customer to develop a complete set of written application requirements and success criteria

  • Conceptual solution development and evaluation

  • Analysis, simulations, prototypes, concept testing, mockups, as required

  • Full system design proposal and firm costing

  • Multi-milestone development process (logical breaks ensure projects are on time and on target)

    • Design review(s)

    • Procurement, system build and programming

    • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)

    • Delivery and installation

    • Integration and ramp-up support

    • Finalize system documentation, as installed

    • Deliver operations and maintenance training

    • Final site acceptance testing (SAT)

  • Warranty and Follow-on Support

  • System upgrades and continued improvements throughout life of system


So, if you’re considering automation for a unique or challenging process, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to discuss your application and help provide quick insight into what options or approaches may be available to you. 

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